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Services: Lexicography and Computational Linguistics

Serling's employees have experience as editors of general and specialized dictionaries: they have played a key role in the most important lexicographical projects of the past few years.

Serling associates played a large part in the lemmatization and computer processing required for the Grant Dizionari Bilengāl Talian-Furlan called for by the Osservatori Regjionāl de Lenghe e de Culture Furlanis (OLF), financed by the Region of Friūl - Vignesie Julie and carried out by the Centri Friūl Lenghe 2000. Serling associates have also authored the Coretōr Ortografic Furlan and the Dizionari Ortografic Furlan of Informazion Furlane soc. coop.

With expertise in both linguistics and data processing, Serling has been able to produce and update various electronic language tools (a spellchecker, a syllabifier, an electronic grammar, workbooks, etc.).