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Services: Translation

Translation demands thorough knowledge of the languages involved, as well as sensitivity and balance, and must be based on experience and professionalism.

Serling's Friulian translators have obtained a certificate from the specialized Friulian translation course offered in 2000 by the OLF (Osservatori pe Lenghe e Culture Furlanis) and the University of Udin/Udine.

Serling associates have also worked at the University of Udin as instructors for the Course for Translators and Interpretors of Gurize/Gorizia, have taught translation in the specialized fields of legal, administrative, and bureaucratic texts, and have been members of the Commission for the Normalization of the Administrative Juridical Lexicon of Friulian for the Provinces of Gurize, Pordenon, and Udin.

The number of translators and the variety of their specialized skills enable Serling to provide services at the highest level in a number of fields. Serling's translations have principally been from Italian to Friulian, but requests for translations from or into other languages (English, French, Catalan...) can also be met.